Hi folks!! This is me trying to pose while not getting myself run over by cars flying down the road to the golf course!! This picture was taken at something like 7 in the morning by my wonderful hubster and thankfully the makeup hides my tired eyes!!  He suggested that I sit in the middle of the road and get the “shot of the trees” in the background, hmmmm…………..


I fell into millinery about 8 years ago and loved it straight away and haven’t looked back!!  I am an award winning milliner, creating bespoke and quirky pieces for weddings and race days.


I have been sewing since about the age of 4 when my mum passed down her sewing skills from her Nanna and also from the fact that when tracing my family tree I discovered that I come from a generation of family tailors and seamstresses in Melbourne.  I even found out that my descendants made the tracksuits for the 1950’s Olympics in Melbourne Australia!!! 


I moved here with my family in the late 80s, studying fashion & design amongst other things then with a change in job circumstances, I then had fun establishing my business in early 2015 from my home studio in the rural area of Ballymoney. At the beginning of October 2019 I decided to take the plunge and rent a "pod" from The Designerie in Bushmills.

Makers House, The Designerie is situated approximately 45 minutes from Ballymena, 20 minutes from Portrush and Porstewart, 15 minutes from Coleraine, so you could have a “ladies do lunch” day!!!

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